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Socially responsible consumers care about conserving the environment, other cultures, and the indigenous people they meet during their travels.

But how can they distinguish between “greenwashed” companies and truly sustainable eco-tour operators who treat local workers fairly, give back tot he community, and protect the environment?

The United Nations Foundation’s Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria are an effort to standardize and measure sustainable responsible practices in the tourism industry.

By supporting sustainable tour operators such as Native Tours, travelers can maximize social and economic benefits to the local communities while preserving the culture and environment of the places they visit. They can make their vacation count!



  • First and foremost, you, the traveler, win because you have an authentic, unforgettable experience of a lifetime and a rich cultural exchange that will make for life-long memories and tales.
  • The environmentwins, through responsible use of natural resources, traveler appreciation for conservation, and organizational contributions to support biodiversity protection.
  • Our local indigenous communitieswin, because they are paid a fair price to share their cultural activities, thus cultivating pride in their cultural identity and the means to preserve their cultural heritage.
  • The local workforcewins, wages, safe working conditions, and capacity-building programs that increase their social and economic empowerment.
  • Our partners non-profitswin, through our funding of community and environmental projects to improve their standard of living.
  • Our organizationwins, through sustainable management, organizational stability, safety standards, customer satisfaction, and environmental and socio-cultural policies we can we feel proud of.

Tourism can generate significant direct and indirect revenue for a country, and sustainable responsible tourism can reap enormous benefits for the local population, such as increased family income, improved health, education, and infrastructure.

It can be an excellent avenue for educating customers about environmental conversation practice and preservation of local culture… Or it can wreak havoc on the locals by exploiting local labor, overburdening infrastructure, polluting the environment, and widening the gap between rich and poor.

Sadly, many tour operators don’t meet most of the criteria for sustainable tourism. And although many companies tout themselves as “eco-friendly” and “responsible”, few truly live up to these standards.

It is our vision that Adeli Kenya Safaris will be a model for the African tourism industry by increasing the visibility of sustainable eco-tourism and raising the standards for other tour operators in the region.

By supporting certified sustainable tour operators such as Adeli Kenya Safaris, travelers can maximize social and economic benefits to the local communities while preserving the culture and environment of the places they visit. They can make their vacation count!

Our vision is to be a worldwide leader in customer satisfaction and an industry leader in preserving indigenous communities, cultures, and nature by 2030.

Adeli Kenya Safaris is a social enterprise offering authentic excursions that foster an appreciation for environmental and cultural conservation. Travelers can visit local indigenous communities to enjoy their hospitality and experience their customs, food, and beliefs. Local workers enjoy fair wages with safe working conditions. An alternative to harmful mass tourism, our “community-based tourism” model supports the well-being of the community and surrounding environment.

We are guided by a new-age business concept called the ‘triple bottom line’, meaning that every decision Adeli Kenya Safaris makes must fit 3 criteria: be healthy for the environment, good for its workers, and beneficial for the local community.

  • Sustainable infrastructure projects such as solar power and potable water.
  • Social programs such as health services, education, native medicine, and capacity-building.
  • Environmental conservation programs such as sustainable agriculture, recycling, and rainforest and wildlife conservation.

At Adeli Kenya Safaris we do more than pay lip service to Responsible Tourism – we have been committed to it since our very inception.

To us Responsible Travel coincides with Responsible Business, designing adventures with the local people, culture and eco-system in mind. We are very aware of the economic, ecological and ethical impact tourism can have on ancient cultures and fragile environments.

We realize that taking clients through these regions can have a detrimental impact if not handled responsibly and as such, on all of our tours we go to great lengths to minimise the negative and accentuate the positive – after all, there are also many good things that the traveller can bring!

A successful Adeli Kenya Safaris safari tour not only delivers a unique and unsurpassable journey for you, but it will also benefit the people whose lands we are privileged to visit.

We have our own dedicated in-house Responsible Travel Team, which meets regularly to review and measure our responsible travel policies. They also undergo frequent ecotourism trainings. This is not only crucial to help ensure best practice across both our group tour and tailor-made holiday itineraries, but the ideal forum to develop new ideas and initiatives.

We guarantee that when designing our tours, we utilize our own experiences to break down barriers, and provide ethical business for those lesser-known areas that have so much to offer. We pride ourselves on challenging perceptions and raising awareness through low impact experiences and responsible tourism – not just through charity work.

Our guiding principle is to both create and operate tours that have a positive and sustainable social, economic and environmental impact.


We base our priorities on the United Nations Foundation’s criteria for Global Sustainable Tourism:

  • Environmental sustainability: Our eco-friendly safari, hiking, horseback, biking, rafting, yoga, and other wilderness adventure experiences are designed to inspire a passion for the responsible use and enjoyment of the outdoors and encourage the active conservation of our natural resources. We employ environmentally responsible business practices such as carbon offsetting.
  • Organizational sustainability: We are committed to customer satisfaction and operational excellence as well as being an employer of choice. 50% of our earnings are reinvested to enhance our employee benefits, geographic reach, and quality of service ensuring the company and its mission remain viable.
  • Cultural sustainability: Our culinary, spiritual, dance, and language-study educational experiences are designed to foster an appreciation for the cultural and linguistic heritage of the indigenous communities in which we do business.
  • We strive to employ from all the surrounding ethnic groups.
  • Social (community) sustainability
  • We offer fair wages, health coverage, capacity-building, and safe working conditions for local workers. 70% of the tour price stays in Kenya with the local workers and small businesses. We invest 50% of the organization’s proceeds in community-led projects to protect the environment and improve the livelihood of the local indigenous communities in which we work.
  • Most of our safari tours are private and bespoke. For group tours we keep our group tour sizes small. While our average group size is nine, the majority of our trips have a maximum group size of 12.
  • We have both a strict environmental Leave No Trace policy, to ensure that the habitats we visit are not damaged or spoilt from our presence, as well as a Wildlife policy to protect the wellbeing of all wildlife.
  • We have our own water policy and are working to help reduce single use plastic while travelling.
  • Minimize negative environmental impacts and maximize benefits through environmental Code of Ethics for activities, purchases, and behavior related to natural resources, explanations about the natural surroundings, eco-tourism criteria, and appropriate use/behavior is provided to customers before, during, and after tours, Waste/Water/Soil/Energy Management Plans with renewable energy adopted where possible, interactions with wildlife do not produce adverse effects and disturbances are minimized and rehabilitated, organization contributes to support of biodiversity conservation.
  • We strive to offset carbon emissions on all flights bought through us and encourage all clients to offset their own carbon emissions to help in the fight against climate change.
  • Reduce the consumption of primary raw materials (including fossil fuels, water and energy). We stress the importance of switching off all electrical lights and equipment.
  • Encourage sustainable practices by staff, travel partners such as hotels and airlines and our clients.
  • Encourage and demonstrate sustainable approaches to the built environment in our refurbishment and maintenance projects.
  • Minimise waste production and divert it from landfill, therefore supporting the reuse, recycling and recovery plan.
  • Consider sustainability in the procurement of goods and services, as well as encourage bulk buying.
  • Prevent pollution and environment damage where possible, and advocate for garbage separation.
  • Work with conservation organizations that support environmental, community and wildlife protection.
  • Advocate strongly for green commuting, telecommuting, carpooling, taking mass transit and human-powered commuting.
  • We advocate for the use of green materials such as biodegradable soaps.
  • We aim to ensure that the tourism we bring is beneficial, appropriate and fair to local communities and their infrastructures. We achieve this through working alongside local people to generate employment and business opportunities, stimulate investment and entrepreneurial activity and ensure maximum revenue remains within the host countries.
  • All group tours will have local guides and drivers working alongside our tour drivers. For both group and tailor-made tours, we always endeavor to use locally-owned accommodation rather than chain hotels, eat in locally-owned establishments, and purchase our supplies from local communities.
  • We promote socially conscience tourism through respecting and encouraging cross-cultural exchange. In each destination we develop close relationships with drivers and guides, and we feel the interaction between our friends and our clients offers both parties a valuable understanding between cultures.
  • We protect the human rights of all communities, clients and staff.
  • We are proud to facilitate an enduring support structure for the communities we visit.
  • A Code of Conduct is included in all pre-departure information preparing our clients on how to travel responsibly, including advice on cultural norms, treading lightly, tipping and bartering.
  • Our tour leaders are trained to uphold our policies, including briefing clients on appropriate/responsible behavior throughout their trip.
  • We are committed to continuously reviewing and developing our responsible business policy and behavior, through client, tour leader and ground supplier feedback and in response to changing social and political conditions.


  • To take pride in being an active ethical traveller, taking responsibility for your behavior whilst on our tours and adhering to our code of conduct.
  • To follow the guidelines provided in your pre-departure information regarding cultural sensitivity, which can include but is not limited to; asking permission when taking photos, wearing appropriate dress in religious destinations and to not encourage begging by handing sweets or money to children.
  • To demand responsible policies are being upheld and to let your tour leader know if you feel this is not the case.
  • Choose a safari or holiday that supports sustainable destinations, lodges and hotels.
  • By booking with us you are contributing towards Philanthropy This is where when a client books with us USD10 per booking goes towards the funding kitty for our Sustainable initiatives, thus clients would have contributed to helping us meet our Sustainable development promises. Clients do have the option to give more, should they wish to give towards a certain initiative.
  • Donate or start an ongoing project with the community around education, health, better livelihoods or environment (for example piping of water or tree planting).
  • Visit one of our humanitarian initiatives and give time, financial support and company/pleasure to the individuals, to help uplift their belonging in society, and give direction and hope.
  • Obey all game laws and regulations, and respect the fact that your guide is bound by these.
  • Don’t approach animals too closely, and don’t encourage your driver to do so. The recommended distance is at least 25 meters away.
  • To minimise disturbance to the animals, don’t make too much noise during game drives.
  • Never give food to any animal in the wild.
  • Aim to leave the environment as you found it. Don’t litter.
  • Buy locally crafted souvenirs.
  • Do not buy, or trade for, any articles, which are covered under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) including ivory, turtle products, rhino horn, furs, butterflies and many plant species.
  • Do not pick plants and flowers.
  • Do not give sweets, pens etc. to children on the street as it can encourage begging. It is better to give through a local organisation or school.
  • As a courtesy, ask before you take a picture of someone.
  • Child prostitution is illegal and should be reported immediately.
  • Unethical Animal Interaction. At Adeli Kenya Safaris we do not support any tours or activities that account for unethical animal interactions. We wish to continue promoting and encouraging responsible tourism, as well as to endorse Africa as an authentic, wild and rewarding tourism destination; and as lions and other predators are wild species, we wish to continue our support and promotion of the formal conservation community in their endeavours to secure the survival of Africa’s predators in the wild.
  • To complete your feedback questionnaires, letting us know your thoughts on responsible travel in the country/region you visited with us.
  • Research places that are not typical tourist hotspots.Over-tourism isn’t just about being annoyed at throngs of tourists in your photos, or taking away from the ‘authenticity’ of a place, it’s causing damage to world heritage sites that have stood the test of time, it’s damaging the environment and in some cases, is negatively impacting the communities in popular bucket-list destinations. There are plenty of amazing places out there not overrun by tourists which are not only more atmospheric but you’re more likely to be sold unique wares for good prices and you’ll have more of an opportunity to get to know local people and understand a different way of life in a genuine way. They’ll serve more authentic, tasty food, too! This strengthens the surrounding communities and will leave you feeling richer for the experience. We always take this into consideration when creating itineraries.
  • Try to prioritize eco-friendly or locally owned hotel/guesthouse options, if you’re not booking with us. They often put a huge amount of effort into lessening the impact on the environment, so it makes it easier for you to travel responsibly. You sometimes find that these hotels will employ and train locals for staff, frequently providing much-needed jobs.
  • Research local customs and phrases in the local language, once you’ve settled on the right experience for you. Even the smallest of efforts shows consideration and respect.
  • Pack consciously: Planning what to take away with you ahead of time can ensure you don’t overpack. The heavier your luggage the more fuel is required by the aeroplane, and therefore, carbon emissions increase. It’s easier to throw that extra top in ‘just in case’ but, if everyone follows suit, that’s up to 143 extra tops on board! Your poor shoulders will thank you too.
  • If you take single-use plastic, bring it back home with you and recycle it properlyif there aren’t proper recycling options where you’re headed.
  • A standard bar of soap in a reusable soap container is still much betterif you aren’t sold on the thought of plastic-free products.
  • Use face wipes are made up of 100% plant cellulose, as opposed to standard make-up wipes/wet wipes, which contain up to 60% non-biodegradable plastic, at almost the same price. Alternatively, you can buy reusable muslin cloths/flannels to remove your make-up.
  • Invest in reef-friendly sunscreenif you plan on taking a dip in the ocean at any point. Badger Sunscreen is a good option.
  • Pack a scarf.Even if you’re heading straight for the sweltering plains of Africa. It can be used as a pillow, blanket or eye mask on your flight, or it could be fashioned into a sarong or a top, or cover shoulders when entering temples, or as a face guard if you’re whizzing through the desert, to protect your head from the sun. It might even make a decent emergency parachute. Don’t try this, of course, it’s mostly just good to have hope.
  • Take a tote-bag with you.For shopping in cute markets, to hold your beach gear, for day trips or to hold dirty laundry. You need never accept a plastic bag if you’re toting a tote or two!
  • Consider investing in a Kindle, or similar, for downloading your holiday readingrather than having to pack lots of heavy books. Nothing beats a book, of course, but at least it’ll ensure you never run out of reading material on a trip.
  • Download your e-ticket on to a smartphonerather than printing out your ticket on paper.
  • Try and opt for a direct flightrather than one with layovers so you’ll save on carbon emissions.
  • Refuse the complimentary in-flight bags the airline hands out.Have you seen the movie Inception? Well, this is like that but with plastic within plastic. But no Leo DiCaprio (he’s off fighting global warming elsewhere). It’s easy to make your own though: just pop a toothpaste tab with a bamboo toothbrush, your multi-purpose scarf and earplugs into your hand luggage. Voila!
  • Treat each and every country as if it were your very own home.You are a guest – show respect, be polite, always throw your rubbish in the bin and dress respectfully, according to local custom.
  • Always be aware of what you’re buying as souvenirs.At best, you might be purchasing something that will come with a hefty fine if you attempt to take it out, or into a country that prohibits those imports. At worst, you may be creating a demand for the poaching or import of endangered animals, including ivory, fur, medicines made from animals and in some cases, live animals. It’s important to be vigilant. Sometimes souvenirs can be mislabeled to sell to tourists, or it may be difficult to spot. Don’t assume that just because you can buy it, it means it’s legal or ethical to do so.
  • Always ask permission before taking photos of people, it’s just polite.Apply the same rules as you would at home, for example, is it an appropriate time and place? Don’t be rattled if they ask for a tip, either pay up, haggle a bit or politely decline. If you take a good one, show them!
  • Don’t interact with wild animals. You don’t want to lose any fingers and you definitely don’t want them losing their life once they feel comfortable approaching the next human with less than good intentions.
  • Always turn off your air con/lights when you leave your room, use water sparingly and try to reuse your towel.It may seem obvious, but not all countries have electricity and water in abundance, be conscious not to add to the problem.
  • Refuse a plastic straw, save a turtle.If you really need something to slurp down those cocktails without getting a pineapple slice in the eye, invest in a metal re-usable straw.
  • Buffets are not good for the environment.This is a tough one but try to resist. Hotels will always provide a surplus of food at a buffet (imagine the ruckus if they ran out before everyone had eaten) and this means a lot of food will be thrown away. A recent study found that just over half of buffet food goes to waste which is hugely damaging, not only to the environment (food waste in landfills produce methane which is 21 times more damaging than Carbon Dioxide) but considering one in seven people around the world go hungry, it’s incredibly wasteful.
  • When buying goods, don’t drive too hard a bargain.Some countries expect a bit of haggling (though be sure to check first) but most people aren’t trying to scam you, they simply assume you can afford it since you’re visiting their country in the first place. Consider how much those last few digits mean to you and what they might mean to that person’s family.
  • Giving to begging children is incredibly problematic.It’s difficult to refuse kids who might be begging you for money, all doe-eyed and scruffy, but it fosters a begging culture. And this doesn’t just apply to money. Sweets are a definite no-go when you consider that dental care may be too expensive for a lot of people across the world to afford. School supplies are also a tricky one as they can just be sold back to shops. This practice undermines parents and encourages kids to stay OUT of school if they know they can earn money, which sets them up for a life of poverty. And often, organised child-trafficking groups who have caught on to the earning potential of begging kids in popular tourist destinations, abduct children and maim them if they’re not perceived to be ‘cute’ enough to earn. When they get too ‘old’, they are often pushed into prostitution, or worse.
  • Encourage hotels to be ‘greener’– if you notice your hotel could do with some eco-friendly improvements, in the form of better recycling facilities or to reduce their plastic waste etc, speak up! Make sure you outline this in any feedback you give them, they should welcome it.
  • Sing the praises of any initiatives/travel companies/hotels/restaurants etc. that ARE doing things right!Leave reviews, tell your friends, encourage others to visit if they need recommendations, spread the word. Other establishments that aren’t quite up to scratch may start to make some changes, so they too get the praise and recognition that brings in the paying customers.
  • Research ways you can lessen your carbon footprint at home. Once you’re in the mindset of travelling consciously, living consciously will be easier too!

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